iDirect Evolution Mesh Receiver

  • 2RU solution with the X7 remote
  • Receive throughput up to 7.5 Msps per channel and 29 Msps aggregate
  • Receives up to 16 TDMA channels simultaneously, enabling high data throughput without oversized antenna and BUC
  • Frequency hopping on transmit using the X7
  • Star/mesh bandwidth sharing
  • Receives 1-hop transmission from non-mesh terminal using Mesh Tx-only mode
  • TCP acceleration for mesh links
  • Evolution platform scalability
  • Ideal for regional gateway and star-in-star topology

iDirect Evolution Mesh Receiver

The Evolution® Multi-Carrier Mesh solution is iDirect’s high performance product with an industry-leading aggregate receive throughput of up to 29 Msps and individual carrier rates up to 7.5 Msps. Based on the Mesh Receiver and the popular X7 satellite router, the DVB-S2 mesh offering is implemented as a mesh overlay on an Evolution® star topology network. The mesh overlay provides direct connectivity between remote terminals with a single trip over the satellite, thereby halving the latency and reducing satellite bandwidth requirements.

Evolution Platform
  •  Shared service: TDMA (inbound) + DVB-S2 (outbound)
    • Up and down 32 Kbps to 3,5 Mbps (inbound) / 40 Mbps
  • Dedicated service: TDMA (inbound) + DVB-S2 (outbound)
    • Up and down 32 Kbps to 3,5 Mbps (inbound) / 40 Mbps
  • Dedicated service: SCPC (inbound) + DVB-S2 (outbound)
    • Up and down 384 Kbps to 4 Mbps (inbound) / 40 Mbps
    • Lower latency (ideal for VoIP, video stream, applications with high availability)

Our satellites

  • KU Band Services
  • C-Band Services
  • KA-Band Services
About iDirect Satellite Services

The iDirect VSAT system is a simple, one-box solution with the VSAT modem, IP router, TCP acceleration, optimization and encryption — all in a single, reliable package. iDirect’s VSAT modem fully supports application QoS, providing guaranteed bandwidth availability for mission-critical applications and allowing the support of toll quality voice over IP and video conferencing applications concurrently with the broadband internet access. BusinessCom? leverages this feature and provides fully customized QoS profiles per each iDirect VSAT installation, delivering highly efficient custom tailored communication solutions for every customer.

As bandwidth efficiencies are built on both satellite and IP communications levels, the iDirect VSAT network system is probably the most efficient TDMA communications system on the market. Increased efficiency of the iDirect VSAT means lower costs of operation and faster, more reliable services for the end customers.


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